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Rigorous examinations and no-translation-necessary results aren't something you should have to hope for in data forensics. It should be something you expect. No matter what kind of data you need to work with, the experts at Atlantic Data Forensics will help you recover, reconstruct, and review the data. When you need data examined by court tested forensic experts you need Atlantic Data Forensics.


When you choose Atlantic Data Forensics, your entire case from locating data repositories through custodian data collection to review and production are overseen by a single, expert company.

Our experts can assist you in every aspect of e-discovery from specialized case assessment services to legal hold management, data collection, analysis, and reporting, we bridge the communication gap between the IT department and attorneys.


If hackers have just broken into your network or you've just discovered that a trusted employee has been stealing company data. Who you decide to call next is critical. Atlantic Data Forensics incident response teams have handled hundreds of situations just like yours, quickly, quietly and successfully. Our team can be onsite starting the process of giving you back your peace of mind today.


When your case depends on decisive, reliable, straightforward testimony from a credentialed expert in the field, look no further than the specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics. As the expert’s expert in the areas of Digital Forensics, E-Discovery, and Cybercrime, ADF’s experienced practitioners have provided conclusive testimony on matters ranging from intellectual property theft totaling millions in damages to 1st degree murder

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“We work as a team at Atlantic Data Forensics. Everyone trusts each other, depends on one another, and pushes to find the best solutions for our clients.”
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