Understanding Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced persistent threats, or APTs, can pose serious risk to a company’s private online data, and are one of the leading cybersecurity concerns for major organizations. Here, the specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics explain what an APT is, how it works, and how to seek help if you have been affected. What is an Advanced…

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Jason Briody CISSP, CCE, CCFP Director of Forensic Services I’d like to invite you to my next event on Halloween, at which I will be one of four cyber experts discussing straight-forward strategies for non-technical business leaders to protect their organizations from various cyber threats. This will be highly informative walking you through a typical…

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An Overview of Malware

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and as such the data specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics are excited to share their knowledge of major cyber security concerns, such as malware. Malware can wreak havoc on a company’s network, decreasing efficiency, wasting valuable employee time and lowering profits. Here, the data and technology professionals at…

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The Basics of Safe Data Destruction

While many businesses or service providers do not realize it, most action performed on a computer, as well as file, document or physical record saved, is recorded on the device’s hard drive. As such, even the smallest companies or service providers can have a treasure trove of data that could be exploited by hackers. Here,…

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How Atlantic Data Forensics’ Expert Testimony Can Make Your Case

Expert testimony can be instrumental when building a successful criminal or civil case. Here, the data forensic specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics explain why expert testimony is such a pivotal part of any legal proceeding. Experts in Their Field and The Courtroom The specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics are credentialed experts in the field of…

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Next Steps After Theft of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a critical component of many companies’ business model, branding, marketing, development and more. But, what happens if someone steals your intellectual property, jeopardizing the success of your company? Here, the data forensic specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics detail best practices and next steps after intellectual property theft occurs. What is Intellectual Property?…

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Atlantic Data Forensics Retained to Provide Analysis and Expert Reporting in Taylor Swift Groping Case

Atlantic Data Forensics was retained to provide analysis and expert testimony regarding pertinent digital forensics evidence in the highly-publicized Taylor Swift groping case. Honored to have been retained by defense counsel, Atlantic Data Forensics provided analysis and reporting regarding key digital forensic evidence in the civil suit between D.J. David Mueller, and pop-star Taylor Swift.…

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Atlantic Data Forensics, Inc. Testifies with Millions at Stake; Client Awarded ALL Assets AND 100% of Atlantic’s Fees

The Delaware Court’s post-trial opinion began: “Most typically, under the American Rule, each party must bear its own litigation expenses, including counsel fees.  This court has the discretion, however, to shift litigation expenses, in whole or part, when a party to the litigation has engaged in bad faith litigation conduct.” But — as most attorneys…

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A Cybersecurity Checklist for the New Year

    Another year is here and that means new challenges and new cybersecurity threats are on the way. To ensure that you are prepared for these things, you should create, or take a look at, your cybersecurity checklist. After all, preparation is exceptionally important when it comes to your cybersecurity. Let’s take a look…

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