A Recent Gmail Phishing Scam is Highly Effective

  Phishing scams are on the rise. Their use of social engineering techniques are making them particularly sinister and effective. The question is how to defend against these attacks. Though we may dream of a simple solution that is only a click away, there are no such solutions. Knowledge is the most important and most…

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Feeling Locky?: Ransomware is on the Rise

  There is nothing lucky about your machine or network receiving a ransomware infection. Not only can it be highly destructive, but the matter could have been avoided in some cases. Discovered early last year, Locky is a relatively young malware initiative coming out of Russia. We’d like to take you through what it is,…

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We are Proudly Partnered with DeliverFund

  We at Atlantic Data Forensics are proud of our corporate partners. One of our new partners is an organization called DeliverFund, a nonprofit, private intelligence organization that addresses the ever-present problem of human trafficking. Through our work together, we hope to aid them in their efforts to stop modern day slavery.

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A Cybersecurity Checklist for the New Year

  Another year is here and that means new challenges and new cybersecurity threats are on the way. To ensure that you are prepared for these things, you should create, or take a look at, your cybersecurity checklist. After all, preparation is exceptionally important when it comes to your cybersecurity. Let’s take a look at…

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3 Ways to Spot a Hack and 1 Way to Help

  Getting hacked is a threat that looms over all of us every day. It takes constant vigilance to avoid the malicious intent of hackers, and it helps to know the signs of a security breach. Today we’re going to be taking you through some of those signs so that you can stay one step…

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Brian Dykstra Shared His Expertise with the Bowie Seniors Computer Club

The Bowie Seniors Computer Club is committed to helping senior citizens navigate the often-complex world of technology. Recently, our very own President and CEO, Brian Dykstra, gave a presentation at the Bowie Seniors Computer Club about computer security trends. This presentation was hailed as a huge success, garnering a lot of admiration for Brian’s informative…

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The Truth About Cloud Security

  The Cloud holds about 10% of the world’s data at present despite having many benefits. Cloud Services are cost effective and have added layers of security that traditional, in-house storage does not. Why are people still dragging their feet on switching over? It all comes down to security and trust. How can you trust…

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A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Hit Hard on 10/21

  On October 21st, a major server-providing company was attacked with a widespread DDoS attack. Dyn, the company in question, provides servers for major companies like Twitter, Netflix, and LinkedIn. The attack brought down these sites and many more for end users on the east coast. The spokesperson for Dyn insists that they never experienced…

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Understand the New World of Cybersecurity

  The internet has come a very long way in a handful of years. What was once something people “fooled around with” in their off-time has become an essential tool for business, networking, and daily life. The problem with many end users, be they companies or civilians, is that they are not adapting with the…

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Does Your Company Need Penetration Testing?

  The short answer to this question is: Yes, most likely. All company networks at all levels could benefit from the value of penetration testing. However, you might be wondering what exactly penetration testing is and why it matters. Today we’ll be going over exactly that.

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