Corporate Espionage

Corporate espionage has been around since the dawn of business.  Unscrupulous companies try to learn the trade secrets of their competitors in an effort to outbid, outbuy, and outperform them.  Especially with this type of threat, the risk to your corporation from insiders willing to sell or trade intellectual property or competitors seeking to gain an advantage is a very real one.

As the amount of information that a person can email, upload, store in a phone, watch, or wearable, or just keep on a thumb drive in their pocket has exploded in size, the success and ease with which company data can be stolen has grown tremendously.  The incentives -- a reward from a competitor, or a leg-up with leads and business contacts sales people are familiar with when starting at a new job -- are there.  Are you catching all of the information that's walking out your front door?

Corporate Espionage Demands A Forensic Response.

If an issue has occurred, call us.  We've tracked corporate files through emails, thumb drives, DropBox and Google Drive uploads, external hard drives, and more, even when the employee tries to cover their tracks.

If you've not yet been the victim of an attack, we strongly recommend regularly preserving the data of departing employees before an issue arises; a low-cost forensic image of the departing employee's computer will store a snapshot of everything, just as it was on the date they left.  That computer can then be re-used, re-issued, or recycled back into your corporate assets, while we maintain a copy of all of their activities on the device, should you wish to investigate further.

We call it Safe Departure.  You can call it peace of mind.

Atlantic Data Forensics also has the expertise and technology needed to appropriately monitor ongoing employee activities.  Preventative measures such as these can save you tens of thousands of dollars in court and attorney fees, and can save your business's intellectual property, forecasts, and sales lists from falling into the wrong hands.  The computer forensics experts at Atlantic Data Forensics have done it for hundreds of cases before -- quickly, quietly, and professionally.

Your company's data is one of your most valuable assets.  Defend it.  Call Atlantic Data Forensics today.

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