Phishing Attacks

Phishing is typically defined as any action that tries to convince the victim than an email is from a party they recognize or should trust.  However, instead of being from a trustworthy sender, the email actually contains a Trojan or other virus, which is then used to infect the victim’s computer.

Almost every data breach that Atlantic Data Forensics has helped with over the past 5 years has involved elements of a phishing attack.

Viruses delivered via phishing emails may connect the victim’s computer to the hacker’s computer, allowing the hacker to access personal information, credentials, attached storage or network drives, and more.  Advanced computer forensic techniques can determine the steps taken by an attacker, what was compromised, and whether the infection is still active in your network.

Preventative training, INCIDENT RESPONSE, & Phishing Remediation: ADF OFFERS IT ALL.

If you think you may have been the subject of a phishing attack, minutes matter.  Call ADF right now.

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Why phishing attacks persist despite increased awareness.
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