Practical Post-Investigation Remediation

Once the investigation or the incident is over, the real work begins.  Fortifying internal systems against further breaches; repairing your relationships with employees, customers, banks and credit agencies; and mending your corporate reputation may all be issues to tackle.  However, you may also need to review the laws surrounding security breaches related to consumer or client notification.

At the time of our writing, 35 states -- plus the District of Columbia -- have laws in place requiring businesses to notify consumers of security breaches involving their personal information.

We help you do the hard work of data breach remediation to unravel what went wrong and fix the problems -- physical, financial, interpersonal, procedural, and technological -- that led to the breach, mitigating the likelihood and fallout of another breach.  ADF’s investigators can also attempt to locate the source and identify the reason for the breach, along with what was compromised and any issues you're like to encounter downstream.  Working with internal IT, HR resources, the legal team, and PR, we've helped many companies successfully navigate the difficult waters after a breach with our holistic approach to security and post-breach remediation.

If you're looking for a company that understands recovering from a breach is about more than just stopping the initial bleeding, look no further.  Call ADF today.

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