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Computer Forensics

Rigorous examinations and no-translation-necessary results aren't something you should have to hope for in data forensics. It should be something you expect.



When you choose Atlantic Data Forensics, your entire case from locating data repositories through custodian data collection to review and production are overseen by a single, expert company.

Cyber Security

If hackers have just broken into your network or you've just discovered that a trusted employee has been stealing company data. Who you decide to call next is critical.


Expert Testimony

When your case depends on decisive, reliable, straightforward testimony from a credentialed expert in the field, look no further than the specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics.

Labor & Employment

Atlantic Data Forensics has presented data for many different types of hearings and review boards including wrongful termination, unemployment benefit reviews, and employment practices liability insurance investigations. We will work to provide the data, timeline of events and any other information your case requires in a timely and efficient manner, helping your clients make major business and hiring/firing decisions.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Online data breaches, phishing attacks or malware have become increasingly common in our digital society. Cyber attacks against a consistent target over time, known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), are of a special concern to many companies. These attacks put the personal information of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people at risk, and can lead to class action lawsuits. Atlantic Data Forensics has spent years building a team of computer forensic experts who specialize in detecting, analyzing and investigating all types of threats. Our team will investigate the cause of the data breach, help determine what and how much data was placed at risk and work with an organizations existing IT resources to prevent any further damage.  Our experts can provide regulatory agencies, will provide critical data,  or testimony regarding these sorts of attacks, potentially helping justice to be served for thousands of victims of online data security breaches.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the taproot of most successful businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors, which means it is vulnerable to theft, either from external or internal sources.  Businesses can be destroyed if their intellectual property is sold or taken by unauthorized users. Our computer forensics expert can track corporate files through any outlet, whether it be email, Google Drive, Dropbox, thumb drives or more sophisticated means. If you are pursuing intellectual property theft charges against a third-party for one of your clients, you need Atlantic Data Forensics to find and compile court-admissible evidence to successfully win the case. 

IT Investigations & Data Recovery

Businesses and their IT departments often find themselves unwillingly involved in everything from internal investigations, to contract or employment disputes, theft of trade secrets, patent or copyright infringement, and cases involving intellectual property. In these situations, it’s imperative that you have computer forensics expert available to perform proper data preservation and forensic analysis of digital evidence. We develop and implement detailed protocols to offer a guarantee to all parties that we identify all discoverable information while preserving confidentiality.  Our certified and experienced personnel can rapidly perform an examination using the latest in defensible computer forensic tools and techniques. Atlantic Data Forensics is an industry leader in developing best practices for third party and neutral computer forensic examination cases. 

Corporate & White Collar

We have provided invaluable insight for fraud investigations, money laundering and other financial crime cases. Our computer forensics and E-Discovery professionals investigate abnormal financial activity, perform electronic evidence discovery, recover and produce financial data, and offer expert testimony—all with the necessary urgency and sensitivity. Our fraud and financial crimes investigation team members use their expertise in forensic accounting, financial and securities regulation, electronic discovery, and risk management to investigate any scenario that indicates fraud, and then provide the expert testimony your case requires.


Our ACED and kCura credentialed professionals can assist you in every aspect of E-Discovery, from specialized case assessment services, to data collection, Early Case Assessment (ECA), online review, production to opposing counsel, and reporting.  We bridge the communication gap between the IT department and attorneys, pre-, during and post- trial, with your goals as our driving force.  If you have a matter that requires technical expertise with a get-it-done attitude, call us right now.

Research Integrity & Investigations

Atlantic Data Forensics’ practitioners specialize in forensic analysis and reporting for research misconduct investigations. ADF has performed forensic analysis for research misconduct and patent dispute investigations involving fields such as oncology, and neuroscience. We’ve provided E-Discovery and hosting for both PHS- and privately-funded research. And we’re knowledgeable (for laypeople!) on instrumentation, digital output, and forensic avenues related to flow cytometry, Western blot imagery, x-ray crystallography, and more.

Healthcare & HIPAA

Healthcare database breaches and HIPAA non-compliance can be deleterious to patient privacy, trust and safety. Our team of cybersecurity experts are experienced in investigating external and internal data breaches of patient data and records.  We have dedicated, HIPAA protected forensic systems and encrypted data storage to ensure the security of all data during the investigation. If you have a case that requires discreet investigation and confidential handling of sensitive medical information, call us right now.

About Us

Mr. Dykstra has over 19 years experience in investigations, computer forensics, incident response, network and wireless security testing and information security. Mr. Dykstra was previously the CIO and Director of Professional Education at Mandiant, Inc. where he was responsible for the development and management of numerous advanced computer security and cybercrime investigation courses.

Our practitioners have traveled internationally and throughout the U.S. to collect and analyze crucial digital evidence, but we most regularly serve our clients in the Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia and New York areas.

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