Corporate Partners

Atlantic Data Forensics carefully selects companies that provide the best, most cutting-edge innovative technologies and services to help us provide an expansive set of capabilities for our clients.

All of ADF's partner companies share our vision of excellence in price and services.

Founded in 2005, Packet Ninjas combines extensive offensive, investigative expertise and real world experience tracking and responding global threats to provide services and guidance on how to leverage digital intelligence for investigations and enterprise cyber security.

With decades immersed in the business of preventing cybercrime, the specialized Packet Ninjas team is engaged by Fortune 50 corporations, law enforcement organizations and nation-states on six continents. Our executives have been sought out for their unique knowledge by Reuters, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post, and have spoken at AFCEA, Blackhat, DEFCON, GovSec, and many more. Packet Ninjas is a private company with locations in the United States and Europe.


L.E.W. Brown & Associates, Forensic Accountants

L.E.W. Brown & Associates, Forensic Accountants

For over 25 years L.E.W. Brown & Associates has provided expert forensic accounting services that include analyzing and modeling financial and economic data, and expert report court submissions.   Services include:

  • Calculation of Commercial Damages
  • Shareholder & Partnership Disputes
  • Commercial Insurance Claims
  • Business or Employee Fraud Investigations
  • Marital Disputes
  • Financial Misrepresentation Investigations



Volexity is a security firm based out of the Washington, D.C. area that specializes in assisting organizations with threat intelligence, incident response, forensics, and trusted security advisory.

Oasis provides a first-class hosting environment capable of supporting web-based review in Relativity. They guarantee 99.9% uptime; servers capable of supporting millions of documents and hundreds of reviewers; integration with large-scale production engines for tiffing; early case assessment options; and a team of project managers that are able to train end-users, customize workflow and respond to client requests 24/7.



ShadowDragon architects cyber intelligence solutions that reveal threat information to organizations, enabling them to stop and attribute the targeted actions of malicious actors in the physical or digital world. These solutions monitor and analyze threat data from partner and proprietary databases as well as hundreds of sources on the Internet and the dark web.

ShadowDragon solutions are used globally by U.S-based and international law enforcement, government, military and intelligence organizations, and Fortune 50 companies. The company is based in the United States with locations in Europe.

DeliverFund is a nonprofit, private intelligence organization addressing the issue of human trafficking here in the US by targeting traffickers in partnership with law enforcement agents. We provide OSINT and HUMINT to law enforcement in order to resource and accelerate their efforts in human trafficking cases(either sex or labor trafficking). Our International Human Trafficking Analysis Center(iHTAC) provides collection, integration, analysis and dissemination of human trafficking intelligence. It serves as the central all source, shared knowledge bank on human trafficking activity, human traffickers and their networks, and the central dissemination and coordination point for law enforcement, select nonprofits and the professionals working to end modern day slavery.