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Tracking Employee Movement is Crucial to Avoid Spoliation

Every year, tens of thousands of American workers change jobs, go on extended leave, or earn a promotion that takes them to a different area of their organization. Every time this happens, it opens the company up to liability if they were ever put on legal hold. When an e-discovery investigation begins, many companies realize…

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What Can Businesses Do About Intellectual Property Theft?

Picture this: you recently noticed that an ex-employee has produced a website that looks suspiciously like the one used by your business. When your IT department analyzes the code, you discover that it is an almost exact replication of the design that was created by your employees on company time (and therefor company property). What…

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Creating Strong and Safe Bring Your Own Device Policies

As smartphones continue to become more ubiquitous, the lines between personal and professional device use are becoming even more blurry. While in the past it was common for businesses to provide employees with a device that was strictly meant for office use, nowadays many workers prefer to use their own devices so that they can…

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4 Ways to Harden Your Organization Against Cyberattacks

All too often, organizations have no idea of just how vulnerable their networks are to the threat of cyberattacks. Hackers and phishing schemes are constantly becoming more sophisticated which means you’re not immune simply because you haven’t yet experienced a data breach. Cybersecurity must be tended to and improved in order to ensure that your…

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