The Benefits of Consulting With an e-Discovery Expert Before Meet and Confer Conferences

Meet-and-confer conferences are a pivotal opportunity for attorneys to decide how they plan to approach e-discovery. If you are preparing to litigate for a client on a case that will involve the analysis of significant amounts of data repositories and key stakeholders, consulting with an experienced e-Discovery analyst will help you to better prepare you for your conference and ensure that you establish a meaningful and useful discovery plan. Learn more in today’s blog, below.

meet-and-confer conferences

Enlist the help of an e-discovery expert to maximize your meet-and-confer conferences.

Maximize your meet and confer conference

During a meet-and-confer conference, litigators will determine how e-discovery will be managed over the course of the case. Unfortunately, when faced with a significant amount of data and a limited time frame to analyze often complex data repositories, litigators may fail to thoroughly grasp the information at hand and neglect key details. In order to make the most of the conference, smart attorneys bring in the assistance of an experienced and trustworthy e-discovery expert who can help them navigate the information to ensure that the resulting discovery plan will effectively meet their needs.

Bringing in an e-discovery expert will allow you to better focus on winning your case by leaving key details of the technical aspects of your case to the professionals. At Atlantic Data Forensics, we can provide guidance on:

  • Translating your legal needs and requirements to your IT teams
  • Best practice methods of production
  • Preventing sensitive documents from being erroneously included
  • Data collection practices and long-term considerations
  • Potential outcomes of search term queries based on targeted keyword terms
  • And much more

An e-discovery expert will help you streamline your meet and confer negotiations so that you are well-equipped to negotiate terms that suit your client. When you need the help of experienced and trustworthy e-discovery experts, Atlantic Data Forensics is the best and only choice.


If you need the help of an experienced computer forensics experts, contact the team at Atlantic Data Forensics today. To find out more about how we can help in your data recovery, cybercrime, or e-discovery needs or if you need trusted expert testimony, simply request a consultation and we will be in touch.

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