4 Reasons Why You Must Use Defensible Data Collection Techniques

If you are working on a case that will require e-discovery, it is important that the methods used to gather data will legally hold up in court. By neglecting the importance of defensible data collection, you may risk putting your entire case in jeopardy. Working with an experienced and trustworthy e-discovery firm will help ensure that collected data will be admissible in court and help to bolster your case. Learn more about why defensible data collection techniques are non-negotiable in this week’s blog, below.

defensible data collection

Defensible data collection is non-negotiable.

Ensure your evidence is admissible

Data gathered during the e-discovery process will provide valuable evidence for your case. Just as all physical evidence must be gathered and handled according to strict procedures, digital evidence must be handled with equal care.

Prevent spoliation

To protect your case against claims of spoliation, you must ensure that your data was collected in a defensible manner. Because it is so easy to compromise digital information, collection and management must be overseen by a trained and experienced digital evidence expert.

Ensure efficiency

When proper e-discovery methods are implemented by skilled professionals, data will be gathered in a manner that is efficient and reliable. By automating specific tasks and reminders and managing the process effectively, you will save both time and money on this crucial aspect of building your case.

Ensure accuracy

During the e-discovery process, an incredible amount of information will need to be thoroughly and carefully analyzed. By bringing in an e-discovery expert early on in the process, they will be able to ensure that the data they capture is accurately preserved along every step of the way, avoiding costly missteps and inaccuracies that can significantly bog down the timeline of your case and increase overall costs.


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