Managed IT Services vs. Forensic Examiners


What is the difference between forensic examiners and IT professionals?

What is the difference between forensic examiners and IT professionals?

When you need to have your computer mined for data, you may be worried about cost. However, it is important to note that the quality of the work is equally, if not more important to the outcome of your possible litigations. In the event that your case goes to court, you will definitely want to be in the hands of someone who really understands the legal system and the rules of e-discovery. Would you like to learn more about the difference between forensic examiners and managed IT services in terms of data forensics? Well, let’s do it!

Managed IT Services are great with IT issues.

When it comes to handling issues with your computer, an IT company is going to help get the job done right. They can help you set up networks, troubleshoot issues within your environment, and get rid of viruses. They’re trained to fix and understand the inner workings of a computer, and in that, they are amazing. When it comes to getting the most out of your forensic data examinations, however, they may not be the best option. They can probably get the job done; it’s true. The problem is not their understanding of computers; it’s their understanding of the legal system.

Forensic Examiners are great with data forensics.

E-discovery is a process of mining a computer for relevant data to help put together a legal case of some kind. It is conceivable that an IT company would know of tools that could accomplish this process, but it is highly unlikely that they will also know the ins and outs of litigation. It is of the utmost importance that the data that is mined is actually permissible in court. Otherwise, what is the point of getting it done? Though it may seem like IT companies are willing to work with you for less, without the proper techniques and information, you might as well be throwing your money away. So, the next time you need someone to go through your data for a possible criminal case, trust the people who know the law.


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