Meet Kevin Smith, Our New Senior Digital Evidence Consultant


We at Atlantic Data Forensics would like to extend a warm welcome to Kevin Smith. He will be serving the community as a Senior Digital Evidence Consultant. We’re happy to have him on the team! Would you like to learn a little more about Kevin Smith? Here we go.

Kevin Smith has extensive training in the field.

Kevin Smith has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as a Master’s in Computer Forensics and Cyber Investigations. He has served as an expert witness in several major court martial proceedings both in the United States and overseas. Mr. Smith is certified as an Ethical Hacker, a Digital Media Collector, and as a Digital Forensic Examiner. Kevin serves as an adjunct faculty member at Utica University in New York where he teaches Advanced Computer Forensics and Network Forensics. He has learned a lot throughout his career and all of that knowledge is sure to be useful in upcoming investigations.

Working and serving with the military makes up much of his background.

Kevin Smith has served with the armed forces to meet their need for a digital forensic examiner. As a Special Agent with the 10th Military Police Battalion (CID) at Fort Bragg, NC, he provided digital forensic support to 5 United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) field offices. He also worked with members of the FBI and the United States Secret Service during that time. More recently, he acted as a Senior Consultant with a non-disclosed government agency, and the Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory (DCFL) at the Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3). While there, he provided digital forensic support for major crimes and cyber counter-intelligence investigations. He has served some of the most honored intelligence and security teams in the country, and his skills are now available to you.

We are proud to welcome Kevin Smith to the Atlantic Data Forensics team.  



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