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We’ve opened a new location!

Welcome to our very first news and updates blog! Today we’re going to bringing you up to speed on some of the recent events concerning our business so that you can see how we’re growing! Ready to learn more about what we’ve been up to here at Atlantic Data Forensics? Let’s get going!

We opened a new location!

We had a grand opening of a new location on the 8th of June. Our new facility is located in Elkridge, MD. The address of our new location is 7310 Esquire Ct., STE 5B, Elkridge, MD 21075, if you would like to reach out to us. Howard County’s Allen Kittlemen was in attendance. He has been the County Executive since 2014 and we were very honored to have him with us on that day! Thank you for your support. We also opened a branch in Michigan, which came with new challenges.

A new location brings new challenges!

One of those challenges is the requirement for all data forensics investigators to have a private investigator’s license. To protect the privacy of citizens from unethical and unauthorized investigations, the state of Michigan passed a law to require a private investigator’s license back in 2008. When we moved to Michigan, we achieved that license and are authorized to work!  Staying up to date with the latest in investigative law is very important not only for us, but for you, our clients. We make sure to keep our practices up to date so that we can serve you at the optimal level.  Our Michigan location can be reached at (734) 744-5794.


If you need the help of an experienced computer forensics experts, contact the team at Atlantic Data Forensics today. To find out more about how we can help in your data recovery, cybercrime, or e-discovery needs or if you need trusted expert testimony, simply request a consultation and we will be in touch. We are located in Maryland and in Michigan and we have the necessary licenses to get the job done on a national level. No matter where you go, we can help you.

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