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Sometimes a disgruntled employee can do more damage than you think.

Hackers and other cybercriminals are not always strangers; sometimes they’re right within our own walls. Sometimes, angry employees can turn on their employers and steal valuable data. As unfortunate as it may be, it does happen. Today we’re going to be talking about how you can work to stop this. Let’s check it out.

Remain vigilant of suspicious activity.

Criminals often show signs of their illicit activities before the crime is found out. For example, an employee who is accessing files or data spaces that aren’t required for their work, may be up to something criminal. Employees who resist major changes to the way the company handles finances, inventory, or other infrastructure changes may also be up to no good. It’s up to you to remain vigilant, know your employees, and watch for anything that seems amiss.

Access control is of paramount importance for internal cybersecurity.

Varying levels of security are very important. Employees should only have access to things that they absolutely need to perform their jobs. When you give full access to the whole of the company, you are running the risk of a lower level employee gaining access to files that are of massive importance. Furthermore, when you have controlled access to valuable data, you can look up who has the particular access to the stolen data, narrowing your list of suspects.

Be cautious, but be thorough.

Running internal audits on your employees is a good way to make sure that the workflow is running smoothly without conducting a witch hunt. A false accusation could lead to a potential lawsuit against you, so make sure to have all the facts before you approach someone. Furthermore, you should put a system of accountability in place among your workforce so that they can report in and keep everyone honest.


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