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How have you secured your databases?

Databases are filled with sensitive information, making them a prime target for hackers. If your company employs the use of a database, or a network of databases, then you should definitely be using the latest security techniques to keep your data safe. Today we’re going to be talking about some of the common ways that a database’s security can be compromised. Ready to learn more?

Not following security protocols is a big mistake.

Security begins the moment the database is set up and launched. If your network professionals aren’t following proper security protocols throughout the entire process of setting up the database, there is little point in protecting it down the line. Database deployment errors and oversights can be devastating to the integrity of your network’s security.

Not installing updates and keeping on top of fixes leaves your data vulnerable.

Back in 2003, there was a major attack from the SQL Slammer Worm. This attack destroyed about ninety percent of vulnerable systems within ten minutes of deployment and it could have been prevented. The worm targeted a bug within the SQL server database software, a known bug. Many system administrators knew about the bug, but had neglected to fix it. Though this is an older example, the principle is still relevant. If you know of a problem, address it. Otherwise, you may leave yourself open to attack.

 Not employing segregation techniques creates an easy target.

It’s exceptionally important that the only people who have access to certain levels of the database are the ones that need it. Differing levels of access is going to help keep the most sensitive areas of your databases from being infiltrated because there will only be one or two people allowed inside. The more people that have access to something, the more avenues a hacker has to get inside.


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