What were the most aggressive malware cases in history?

Sometimes particularly vicious instances of malware are remembered and named. These infectious programs have wreaked serious havoc throughout the internet, costing billions of dollars in damages and lost revenue. Today we’re going to be going over some of the most famous malicious programs to ever come across the internet and what we can learn from them.

The ILOVEYOU worm utilized the power of social engineering.

Hackers are very intelligent individuals and shouldn’t be underestimated in their ability to manipulate the public. When the ILOVEYOU worm was launched, it appeared to be a message from a secret admirer. This lured people into clicking on the infected email which caused it to copy itself and then send itself to everyone on the victim’s contact list. It would also copy itself into the victim’s computer, creating a scenario in which the afflicted system couldn’t boot itself up. This devastating worm was linked with damages totaling to about $10 billion and it spread like wildfire. What makes it so interesting was the fact that it preyed on the potential victim’s emotions, enticing them with the promise of a potential relationship. Other malicious schemes have since used the same tactics; preying on the person behind the screen rather than simply on the machine itself.

Zeus was a powerfully destructive force.

The Zeus Trojan was discovered back in 2009 and it was a massive force for illegal activity. Through the use of phishing scams and drive-by downloads, this malware got into the FTP accounts of some very high profile companies such as Oracle, Amazon, and Bank of America. About $70 million was estimated to be stolen through a highly sophisticated international scheme. About 100 people were arrested, but the incident went down in history for its enormous impact. What this attack taught us was that we must be even more vigilant against large attacks. Not only that, but with every new form of malware, there is a lot to be learned about how to stop it and how the government can crack down on such activity.


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