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A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Hit Hard on 10/21

  On October 21st, a major server-providing company was attacked with a widespread DDoS attack. Dyn, the company in question, provides servers for major companies like Twitter, Netflix, and LinkedIn. The attack brought down these sites and many more for end users on the east coast. The spokesperson for Dyn insists that they never experienced…

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Understand the New World of Cybersecurity

  The internet has come a very long way in a handful of years. What was once something people “fooled around with” in their off-time has become an essential tool for business, networking, and daily life. The problem with many end users, be they companies or civilians, is that they are not adapting with the…

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Does Your Company Need Penetration Testing?

  The short answer to this question is: Yes, most likely. All company networks at all levels could benefit from the value of penetration testing. However, you might be wondering what exactly penetration testing is and why it matters. Today we’ll be going over exactly that.

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The digital forensics experts at Atlantic Data Forensics discuss the concept of digital forensics integrity, and th…
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