Brian Dykstra Bowie Seniors Computer Club

Brian recently shared his knowledge about cybersecurity with the Bowie Seniors Computer Club.

The Bowie Seniors Computer Club is committed to helping senior citizens navigate the often-complex world of technology. Recently, our very own President and CEO, Brian Dykstra, gave a presentation at the Bowie Seniors Computer Club about computer security trends. This presentation was hailed as a huge success, garnering a lot of admiration for Brian’s informative presentation. The Bowie Seniors Computer Club found out about Brian and Atlantic Data Forensics after seeing our efforts to restore the computers of flood victims when Ellicott City was hit with its disaster earlier this year.

Who are the Bowie Seniors Computer Club?

senior centerThe Bowie Senior Computer Club was founded back in 1997. They came together to form a group where seniors could learn how to operate computers and teach others their knowledge. They offer a wide range of “Freeware” that encompasses everything from trusted web clients to PDF tools and more. Many seniors have questions and concerns about operating computers, and this club is working to help them achieve their goals.

Why should seniors know more about computer security trends?

Computer security trends are essential to anyone using a personal computer. With the rise of ransomware, phishing scams, and other malicious cyberattacks, anyone and everyone could be a victim. By sharing his wealth of knowledge on the subject, Brian Dykstra was able to help the group better understand not only the importance of good cybersecurity habits but how it could be handled. This is invaluable information to those who love learning about computers and those who want to become better users.


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