Happy Holidays!

We wish you a happy holiday season with secure networks!

Another year is here and that means new challenges and new cybersecurity threats are on the way. To ensure that you are prepared for these things, you should create, or take a look at, your cybersecurity checklist. After all, preparation is exceptionally important when it comes to your cybersecurity. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to strengthen your defenses in 2017!

Utilize the power of encryption.

Encryption is a very powerful defense mechanism that you can implement across all of your disk drives. Basically, encryption is the scrambling of all the data within your disk drives and making it only accessible to those that have the encryption key. This is a good way to keep sensitive data secured in the event of theft. Though it provides a clear advantage, it can be inconvenient for organizations who copy a lot of data across different devices regularly. Though it may complicate that process, you should not write encryption off of your checklist. It’s too valuable to simply ignore.

Strengthen your cybersecurity with a SIEM.

A Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) is very helpful in staying on top of cyberattacks. This system is responsible for collecting log data throughout your systems and centralizing it so that your security team can examine it. The important thing to note here is that a SIEM is only as useful as the plan to utilize it. Without proper preparation and implementation, you may not be able to get maximum value out of your new system. Out of the box, it won’t be able to protect your specific network, so make sure that your security team has ample time and understanding to approach this project.

Always follow best practices for network usage.

As usual, one of the best ways to keep your network safe is to use your networks wisely. Avoid pop-ups and suspicious websites while browsing the web on your network. You should also employ smart password protocols such as varied characters and unique passwords per site.


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