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Through our work with DeliverFund, we are working to end human trafficking.

We at Atlantic Data Forensics are proud of our corporate partners. One of our new partners is an organization called DeliverFund, a nonprofit, private intelligence organization that addresses the ever-present problem of human trafficking. Through our work together, we hope to aid them in their efforts to stop modern day slavery.

What is DeliverFund doing to help end human trafficking?

Ending human trafficking is a complex and tireless effort. Not only are criminal organizations hard to track down, but they can also be exceptionally dangerous. DeliverFund works in tandem with law enforcement to aid them in intelligence gathering initiatives. With the use of Open-Source intelligence (OSNIT) and Human source intelligence (HUMINT), DeliverFund is able to make the processes of law enforcement agencies much more efficient and effective. Not only that, but they help to spread awareness of the epidemic that is human trafficking by imploring people to learn more and to donate to the cause. Everything from their vision to their logo has been planned and executed in memory of all who have succumbed to slavery and a passion to end their torment.

With the right knowledge, no trafficker can stand a chance and that is what DeliverFun is helping to accomplish.

How does Atlantic Data Forensics help?

When computers or mobile devices are acquired from human traffickers, someone needs to help extract data. Someone needs to perform data forensics to learn as much as we can from the acquired devices. This is where Atlantic Data Forensics comes in. We work with DeliverFund to support the effort to stop human trafficking by investigating these devices and finding additional people of interest for law enforcement to pursue. Ending modern slavery is incredibly important and we are proud to participate in these efforts. Find out more about DeliverFund by visiting their website and following them on social media.


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