Expert testimony can be instrumental when building a successful criminal or civil case. Here, the data forensic specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics explain why expert testimony is such a pivotal part of any legal proceeding.

Experts in Their Field and The Courtroom

The specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics are credentialed experts in the field of computer forensics, e-discovery and cybercrime. But this is only half of our critical experience: Atlantic Data Forensics has also provided expert testimony for years, in cases ranging from intellectual property theft causing millions in damages to first-degree murder.

Further, the expert witnesses at Atlantic Data Forensics have strong backgrounds in federal agency and law enforcement organizations. Our specialists have trained thousands of agents in organizations such as the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, Department of State, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, US Postal Service, US Marshals, US Air Force, and US Navy in areas such as information warfare, network security and cybercrime response. Whatever the scale and scope of your case, having digital forensic specialists who are experts in both their field and the courtroom will prove invaluable.

Expert Witnesses Can Be Trusted

The testimony of an expert witness is well-received and accepted in court, providing strength and support to a plaintiff or defendant’s case. This is because expert witnesses are impartial: they let the facts and evidence lead their conclusions, not personal bias and interest.

Insights and Facts

While expert witnesses can provide facts and data, they are also able to provide a “professional opinion,” which breaks complicated data down into usable judgements and information for a jury to consider. This helps the average juryperson to understand the implications of the complicated information presented, so that they may make the best judgement on the case. Such insights can also provide unique perspective the court may not have otherwise considered.

Expert Witnesses Can Accelerate the Legal Process

Because of the inherent value an expert witness provides to a legal proceeding, a settlement may be more rapidly reached if the opposing side realizes an expert witness, or several, are being called. This helps the victims of crimes to receive restitution in a quicker fashion, and prevents the stress of a lengthy legal process.

Enlist the Help of Atlantic Data Forensics’ Expert Witnesses Today

Every legal case can benefit from an expert witness, and Atlantic Data Forensics is honored to be able to assist in the court proceedings for a variety of crimes and offenses. Even if you are uncertain if your case will go to court, we can help to ensure that useful data and information is properly retrieved and stored should a legal case be enacted. For more information, we urge you to contact us today!