New Year’s Business Resolutions for Improving Data Security for Your Business

This year, resolve to make data security one of your top concerns. On behalf of the data forensics and security experts at Atlantic Data Forensics, here are a few tips for improving the data security within your business.

There are many ways to implement smarter and safer data security protocols for your business. Here the data forensics and security experts at Atlantic Data Forensics have provided a few tips for improving the data security within your business.

Manage Who Has Access

Take stock of which employees have access to what kinds of data, and determine whether their access is justified and necessary for their work. Keeping data access to a select few individuals minimizes the risk of data breaches, and ensures any data leaks that do occur can be more effectively contained.

Know and Protect Your Most Valuable Data

Every business has its own “crown jewels” of data—the five to 10% of data that would cause the most damage to the company if it were to be compromised. It is important to know what this data is, where it is stored and what security protocols are involved in accessing it. Security should be regularly updated to minimize the risk of breaches. Make this data available to employees only on a need-to-know basis.

Develop Stronger Passwords

Every employee should be taught how to develop strong passwords, as this practice can will limit the likelihood of hacking. A strong password should be a minimum of 12 characters long, and include lowercase and capital letters, numbers and special characters. Avoid combinations of dictionary words, such as “big dog”—instead, write them out with numbers or special characters. So, “big dog” could become “8!g d0g.” Ideally, passwords should be changed every 90 days for maximum security.

Back Up Data Regularly

Data loss is just as serious of an issue as hacking, so be sure to back up data on a regular basis—at least once a week, but ideally every day. This can be either a manual or automatic backup, depending on your preference. Don’t forget that backup data requires just as much security as any other data, so implement a security software program to ensure it stays protected.

Determine a Data Breach Protocol

Even the most prepared business may still suffer from a breach of valuable data, and so it is critical to develop a plan for handling such a crisis. A business’s entire staff, and not just the IT team, should be educated on what to do if a data breach occurs. Develop a written policy, and make it available to every employee—as the business grows and technologies change, update the manual.

Although a company’s IT team will be a valuable resource in mitigating the damage of a data breach, enlisting the help of an independent third-party of experts allows for fresh eyes and outside perspectives that can help you understand the extent of the damage, and find fast and innovative solutions to data security issues. The data forensics experts at Atlantic Data Forensics have worked side-by-side with hundreds of companies’ IT teams and management, helping to mitigate the damage of data breaches, insider threats, hacking and more. When it’s your company’s data on the line, there is no time to wait—contact the data security experts at Atlantic Data Forensics now for more information on how we can help.