Because intellectual property theft is a growing threat due to our increased reliance on digital storage and sharing systems, the need for improved intellectual data protection increases. Here, the digital forensics specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics explain five ways you can protect your business against intellectual property theft so you can best preserve your business’s essential data, copyrighted material, client information and more.

Identify the Most Valuable Data

The most effective way to recognize and subsequently protect your business’s most crucial data is by identifying what types of data are most valuable and determining where it is currently stored. This step may involve adopting the mindset of an intellectual property thief; by observing your crucial information through the eyes of a potential threat, you can best identify where your weak spots are and how your internal intellectual data protection strategies can be improved. Once you identify your most important company information and identify the weaknesses in your security, you can more effectively organize and improve your data protection.

Revamp Internal Security

Because cybercriminals can copy and duplicate digital information, it is imperative to adopt the most highly restrictive security policy your company can manage. Simple yet impactful tasks that can tighten your internal security include keeping track of which employees, clients and contacts have access to certain information, disabling USB drives and other information-containing storage systems and implementing information lockdown security systems.

Limit Access to Files

By allowing only a specific set people to view certain digital entities, you can decrease the amount of potential threats to your important data. The individuals who are granted access to classified files should sign confidentiality agreements to ensure complete privacy. Employees who do not need to have access to important company files should be limited in their capability to do so.

Trademark Your Brand

Not all intellectual property theft involves stolen company files or classified information; many intellectual property theft cases deal with stolen or recreated logos, designs and images that are used for company branding and advertising. By registering a trademark for your brand name, logo or slogan, your intellectual property will be legally protected by trademark and copyright law.

Increase Employee Awareness

Intellectual property can be at risk of being stolen or duplicated due to an employee’s lack of awareness on the susceptibility of the information they are dealing with. As a business, you can improve your data defense by simply educating your employees on the importance of data protection and training them to understand the intricacies of your internal data protection policy.

Protect Your Intellectual Property with Help from Digital Forensics Specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics

Intellectual property theft is a current and significant threat to business’ confidential information and logos, slogans and images used for branding purposes. By utilizing these five steps of prevention, you can better protect against intellectual property theft, subsequently preventing a drastic financial toll on your business. For more information on how you can upgrade your business’s intellectual property protection strategies, contact Atlantic Data Forensics today.