Digital Forensics vs. Common Data Recovery

While the jobs of digital forensics specialists and data recovery specialists share many similarities, there are also fundamental differences that separate the two fields. Here, the digital forensics and safe data destruction specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics provide an overview of the two fields and why each offer important tools necessary in our digital age.

Common Data Recovery

Data recovery specialists can be hired by computer users who have deleted or lost important data that needs to be retrieved with the help of advanced data recovery technologies. Whether essential data is accidentally deleted from a computer, or a device breaks down or loses saved information, a data recovery specialist has the tools to potentially recover lost information. Typically, the services of a data recovery specialist help to recover information from one specific disk drive. In addition, data recovery professionals specialize in hardware repair, as fixing damaged disk drives and extracting data for partially or fully damaged electronics is a critical element of the profession.

While data recovery can fall under the umbrella of digital forensics, the application, work environment and specialization of data recovery specialists differs from that of digital forensics specialists.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics specialists perform many of the same day-to-day tasks as data recovery specialists, such as uncovering previously deleted information or acquiring lost information. However, while data recovery specialists are recruited by private computer owners or businesses in need of data recovery, the skills of a digital forensics specialist are applicable to law enforcement and criminal investigations. Digital forensics specialists are enlisted during a criminal investigation to uncover potentially incriminating information that could be used in a court case. 

Potential evidence uncovered can include, but is not limited to, emails, photos, videos, text messages, audio recordings and Internet search history. Digital forensics specialists have the ability to restore previously deleted information with advanced data recovery technology and can also be called into court to testify during a trial. They can also analyze and examine almost any memory-based device for information that could prove useful in court. 

Learn More With the Data Forensics Specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics

Both data recovery specialists and digital forensics specialists are experts in digital data preservation and retrieval. However, the application of their jobs differ. At Atlantic Data Forensics, our digital forensics and safe data destruction professionals have the skills necessary to recover almost any form of digital information that could potentially prove useful as evidence in court. If you would like to learn more about the services offered at Atlantic Data Forensics, contact our Elkridge office today.