Three Ways to Protect Your Data From Former Employees

With cloud-based information systems on the rise and sensitive data storage becoming increasingly digital, it has never been more important to ensure your classified company data is protected during employee transitions. Here, the data forensics specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics explain three ways to protect your company data from former employees.

Increase Monitoring of Your Most Sensitive Information

The best way to improve your data security is to improve how you monitor your data, prioritize the protection of your most important information and understand where it is located. IT data protection practices can always be improved upon, and knowing where your most sensitive data is stored, as well as who may or may not have access to it, is imperative for preserving the integrity of your data. Ensure you have a system in place to track unusual behavior and keep tabs on who is viewing your sensitive data. This is the best way to avoid breaches in your system and monitor who has access to what documents. 

Teach Awareness Surrounding Data Protection

Often, breaches in data security are a result of a lack of awareness surrounding privacy and data protection. In a Gartner study, 29% of former employees stole company information to launch or improve upon a new career. The intentions of former employees in stealing company data can range from malicious intent to an honest accident. In any case, it is important to increase awareness surrounding data protection so that your IT department and employees understand the consequences of data theft and why it is important to prevent it. General best practices such as stronger password protection, employee training on how to detect email phishing and increased employee accountability will go a long way.

Improve Your Off-Boarding Process

More regulated termination processes can drastically protect against stolen company data. When going through the off-boarding process with an ex-employee, it is just as important to collect company property, such as computers and cell phones, as it is to properly disable the ex-employee’s work accounts, passwords and other company privileges. Integrate a structured off-boarding system and remain consistent through employee turnover—the integrity of your sensitive company data may depend on it.

Enlist the Help of a Data Forensics Specialist at Atlantic Data Forensics

It can be overwhelming knowing how easy it might be for a former employee to obtain sensitive company data, but that is why adjusting and improving your data security is vital to your business. If you are confused on which aspect of your company’s security may need adjusting, or are unsure of where to start, the data forensics specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics are here to help. To speak with a data forensics specialist about how to best protect your important company data, contact Atlantic Data Forensics today.