Brian Dykstra Shared His Expertise with the Bowie Seniors Computer Club

The Bowie Seniors Computer Club is committed to helping senior citizens navigate the often-complex world of technology. Recently, our very own President and CEO, Brian Dykstra, gave a presentation at the Bowie Seniors Computer Club about computer security trends. This presentation was hailed as a huge success, garnering a lot of admiration for Brian’s informative…

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Atlantic Data Forensics is Here to Help Ellicott City

On Saturday, July 30th, 2016 a powerful storm slowly made its way through Ellicott City, Maryland causing severe flash flooding and destruction.  In less than 2 hours, more than 6 inches of rain had fallen over the area causing a devastating wall of water that ravaged the historic Old Town portion of the city.

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Data Recovery for Victims of the Ellicott City Flooding

  About two weeks ago, there was a terrible flood in Historic Ellicott City. The damage done by this record breaking flood was devastating and many businesses were destroyed. Many people have come together in the hopes of restoring the community, but it’s going to be a very long road. Atlantic Data Forensics is proud…

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What is Encryption and How Can You Use It

Keeping sensitive data safe is one of the most important topics that companies need to think about. Without the proper security, your precious data might as well be posted onto Facebook for the whole world to see. It’s a frightening thought, but with the right security features, you can ensure that this doesn’t happen. Today we’re going to…

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Atlantic Data Forensics News and Updates

  Welcome to our very first news and updates blog! Today we’re going to bringing you up to speed on some of the recent events concerning our business so that you can see how we’re growing! Ready to learn more about what we’ve been up to here at Atlantic Data Forensics? Let’s get going!

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Meet Kevin Smith, Our New Senior Digital Evidence Consultant

  We at Atlantic Data Forensics would like to extend a warm welcome to Kevin Smith. He will be serving the community as a Senior Digital Evidence Consultant. We’re happy to have him on the team! Would you like to learn a little more about Kevin Smith? Here we go.

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4 Ways to Harden Your Organization Against Cyberattacks

All too often, organizations have no idea of just how vulnerable their networks are to the threat of cyberattacks. Hackers and phishing schemes are constantly becoming more sophisticated which means you’re not immune simply because you haven’t yet experienced a data breach. Cybersecurity must be tended to and improved in order to ensure that your…

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Computer Forensics Protects Your Most Sensitive Data

As the use of networked computers and personal mobile devices has grown, it has become significantly more difficult for companies to manage and monitor their sensitive data. Where in generations past sensitive documents could be secured under lock and key, the ease of mobility provided by the cloud creates frequent and serious possibilities of data…

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 If you’re like us here at ADF, one of our (somewhat embarrassing) first thoughts on potential uses for Google Glass was identifying people we’ve met before — but whose names escape us — at networking events.  But our hopes and dreams of being really slick (if slightly geeky) at upcoming events were dashed when Google…

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We recently came across and interesting post on a court ruling in Keaton v. Hannum, 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 60519, at *4-5 (S.D. Ind. Apr. 29, 2013)  where a party claimed that they were unable to produce their Gmail email in a native Microsoft PST format because Google did not support PST as a download option.  Here at ADF…

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