An Overview of Social Media Discovery

With the prevalent use of social media, it is inevitable that those facing litigation, whether they be the plaintiff or defendant, will likely be required to provide access to some amount of social media content during discovery. Here, the data forensics experts at Atlantic Data Forensics detail key information about social media discovery. There Has…

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Computer Forensics: Recovering Deleted Files

Recovering deleted files is an important job of a data forensic specialist, as an essential part of many digital forensics investigations is retrieving deleted files that could be used as evidence. Here, the data forensics experts at Atlantic Data Forensics provide an overview of the process of recovering deleted files for both files deleted accidentally,…

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Real-World Implications of Digital Forensics: ​The Purge Lawsuit

Universal Pictures, Platinum Dunes Productions and screenwriter James DeMonaco are currently in the midst of a copyright lawsuit based on the dystopian-thriller franchise “The Purge”. Recently, new developments from the plaintiff, Douglas Jordan-Benel, may show that emails provided in discovery by the defense were manipulated. Here, the digital forensic experts at Atlantic Data Forensics discuss…

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Understanding the Discovery Process in Litigation

The discovery stage of a lawsuit can be defined as the initial proceeding of litigation, where two opposing parties have the opportunity to formally exchange information. The discovery stage can uncover physical, verbal and digital evidence. Electronic discovery, or e-discovery, is the process of collecting, analyzing and producing electronic information that could be used in…

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Admissibility of Digital Evidence in Court

Ninety-one percent of today’s online adults use some form of electronic communication regularly in their everyday lives. Consequently, digital evidence has become a large part of many civil and criminal cases; however, there are specific criteria to determine the admissibility of digital evidence. Here, the digital forensics experts at Atlantic Data Forensics explain the basics…

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Managed IT Services vs. Forensic Examiners

  When you need to have your computer mined for data, you may be worried about cost. However, it is important to note that the quality of the work is equally, if not more important to the outcome of your possible litigations. In the event that your case goes to court, you will definitely want…

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4 Reasons Why You Must Use Defensible Data Collection Techniques

If you are working on a case that will require e-discovery, it is important that the methods used to gather data will legally hold up in court. By neglecting the importance of defensible data collection, you may risk putting your entire case in jeopardy. Working with an experienced and trustworthy e-discovery firm will help ensure…

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