Workplace Investigations

The Importance of Due Process in a Digital Forensics Investigation

Due process grants every citizen their legal rights as protected by the 5th and 14th amendments, and states that they all citizens must be treated fairly and justly throughout all legal procedures. This also means citizens cannot have their property stripped from them without legal cause—and that includes digital property. Here, the digital forensics specialists…

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Steps to Properly Handle a Workplace Investigation

In the event that an incident or wrongdoing occurs at your company, such as employee theft, harassment or drug abuse, fast and effective action is necessary to mitigate the situation and avoid liability. Here, the computer forensics specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics detail the important steps you should take during a proper workplace investigation. When…

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How Computer Forensics Can be Used to Investigate Employee Data Theft

Statistics show that, alarmingly, over one quarter of employees steal proprietary information when leaving a company or organization. Whether these departing employees feel a certain sense of ownership over the data they choose to steal, or they intend to use the information to undermine the company, it is important to understand the legal consequences of…

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Computer Forensics: Recovering Deleted Files

Recovering deleted files is an important job of a data forensic specialist, as an essential part of many computer forensics investigations is retrieving deleted files that could be used as evidence. Here, the data forensics experts at Atlantic Data Forensics provide an overview of the process of recovering deleted files for both files deleted accidentally,…

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Computer Forensics and Research Misconduct

With an incredible host of information existing in digital form in this day-and-age, the threat of research misconduct and misuse only continues to grow. Research misconduct offenses can include fabricating data and recording it as true, adjusting or omitting research results as a means to support a specific desired result or using another individual’s ideas,…

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Social Media and Termination: Best Practices

It is now common practice for employers to include social media policies within their employee handbooks, and it is an important part of creating clear expectations for employees. However, employers must also consider the implications of these policies beyond the handbook and determine how they wish to handle violations of these policies in a way…

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How to Handle Pornography in the Workplace

Pornography in the workplace is an extremely sensitive issue, but if left unchecked, it can lead to allegations of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment. In order for businesses to mitigate and handle this issue in a swift and effective manner, the digital forensic specialists at Atlantic Data Forensics have provided several best practices…

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Investigating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The outpouring of recent allegations against a variety of high-profile individuals has led to a renewed seriousness in the discussion of sexual harassment in the workplace. Determining the facts in a sexual harassment case is a particularly sensitive and complicated endeavor, and so it is critical for companies to employ specialists who are able to…

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