Expert Testimony

Atlantic Data Forensics offers Expert Witness Testimony for all of our data forensic services, including:

  • Cell Phone and Smartphone Forensics
  • Employee Misconduct, Computer Misuse, & Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Violations
  • Court-Appointed Discovery and Forensic Examinations
  • Data Deletion, Wiping, and Spoliation
  • Data Recovery
  • Database Forensics
  • Defensible Data Collection
  • Email Forensics & Email Recovery
  • Employee Misconduct Investigations
  • Facebook, Twitter, & Social Media Investigations
  • Fraud & Financial Crimes
  • Internal Corporate Investigations
  • Internet History Reconstruction
  • iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry Forensic Data Recovery
  • Pornography or Workplace Harassment
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Research Misconduct Allegations
  • Secure Data Destruction

All of these services are discussed in detail on our Computer Forensics page.

Testimony: Your Day in Court

If your case sees its day in court, our computer forensic findings are ready to stand up to intense technical scrutiny and the most grueling cross-examinations.  A selection of recent cases include:

Expert Testimony, State of West Virginia v Michael Palmer, Criminal Case Number: 12-F-143, Circuit Court of Marion County West Virginia, March 2014. Retained by the defense.  (Testified as a computer forensics expert in the murder trial of Michael Palmer.)

Expert Testimony, Barry C. Curtis v. George Ray Brown, Jr., et al GRB Development, LLC, Case No. C-07-071587 CN, Circuit Court for Howard County, Maryland, April 2009. Retained by the plaintiff.

Expert Testimony, Indemnity Insurance Corporation RRG v. The Georgetown Bibliotheque, Inc., et al., Case No. 2011 CA 001601 B Consolidated with 2009 CA 007540B, Superior Court of the District of Columbia Civil Division, October 2012. Neutral third party.  (Testified as a court appointed neutral computer forensic expert to review the forensic analysis of plaintiff’s and defendant’s computer forensics experts.)

We have testified as computer forensics experts in Federal, State, and County Courts. Our work and reporting have been upheld by the courts as admissible and valid.  We provide ESI discovery consulting services and also assist clients in understanding their sources of ESI in preparation for litigation and discovery production requests. When selecting a computer forensics company, turn to an experienced and established firm that has a proven track record of providing admissable, conclusive results.