Vincent Fitzgerald

Vincent Fitzgerald

Digital Evidence Consultant

Vincent J. Fitzgerald III is a Digital Evidence Consultant at Atlantic Data Forensics, Inc. a specialized services company that primarily provides digital forensic, electronic data discovery, litigation support, expert testimony, and computer security services for commercial, educational, and governmental clients. Mr. Fitzgerald is responsible for forensically collecting digital evidence, forensic analysis of collected data, executing electronic discovery projects, providing consultation to clients and testing of new tools and programs.

Mr. Fitzgerald graduated from Champlain College in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Computer Forensics. During his four years Mr. Fitzgerald was an active member of the Computer Forensics Association, a gathering of students and teachers that spent time outside of class to learn more about their field of study. Mr. Fitzgerald also took part in an out of class project where he dedicated roughly fifty hours towards research on a topic of his choosing. He logged the findings in a monthly blog as well as a creating final forensic report detailing all of his results in which he presented, in person to colleagues and friends within the industry.

In his career in Computer Forensics Mr. Fitzgerald has already been a part of investigations involving research fraud, copyright infringement, murder and search warrants in conjunction with the U.S. Marshal Service, to name a few. Mr. Fitzgerald has also been involved with matters involving Fortune 50 companies. He is proficient with many of the industry leading forensics and E-discovery programs and equipment. Having performed hundreds of forensic duplications thus far, Mr. Fitzgerald has seen a wide range of desktop and laptop computers as well as many different types of smart phones using the Android, Apple and Blackberry operating systems. Mr. Fitzgerald has provided his expert opinion in the form of a forensic report for the findings uncovered in a matter pertaining to data exfiltration.

Professional Experience

Digital Evidence Consultant, Atlantic Data Forensics
June 2014 - Present
Corporate Details: ADF provides computer forensics, e-discovery, litigation support, expert testimony, and consulting services.
Duties: Forensically collecting and preserving digital evidence, forensic analysis, electronic discovery, testing new programs and tools.

Duties: Analyze evidence provided by the Vermont State Police, generate forensic report, and acted as an expert witness in a simulated courtroom deposition.

Academic Preparation

Champlain College — Bachelor of Science in Computer & Computer Forensics
Graduated in 2014

Further Training

Phython For everybody specialization
March 2016 – Online Course

Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator
May 2015 - Online Course

Open source computer forensics (osdf) conference
November 2014 – Reston, VA

Ecloud collect online course
November 2014 – Online Course