Malware & Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Investigations

An increasing number of cyber-attacks have a consistent target over time, and are conducted by organized groups of people.  Governments around the world have given this threat the term Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).  Investigators at Atlantic Data Forensic have dealt with electronic attacks on everything from government organizations themselves, to defense contractors, to utility and infrastructure providers. Some of the organizations that Atlantic Data Forensics has worked with include the FBI, NCIS, the US Secret Service, and law enforcement around the United States.

Atlantic Data Forensics has spent years developing a team of computer forensic experts that expertly monitor networks, analyze spyware and malware, and investigate APTs before they become catastrophic.  

Atlantic Data Forensics' Clients include several companies that have been listed on the Fortune 500 and Fortune 50, whose data and infrastructure could cause significant ripples throughout the economy if their business activities were significantly disrupted.

Professional Teams - It takes a top-notch team of motivated and experienced computer forensics professionals to effectively protect against advanced persistent threats.  Atlantic Data Forensics team members train in all areas of computer forensics, from reverse engineering and deciphering hacker data to identifying and decrypting malware payloads.  Atlantic Data Forensics team members come from a variety of computer forensics backgrounds, including from government and military backgrounds.

Techniques - Atlantic Data Forensics' practitioners train in the latest techniques and countermeasures associated with advanced persistent threats.  By understanding both the method by which hackers are able to launch APTs and the latest ways to counter them, Atlantic Data Forensics team members create a customized system designed for your specific needs.  These systems are then integrated into a proprietary set of scanning tools that can identify infected elements of your network.  Atlantic Data Forensics uses full-packet network capture, volatile memory analysis, static and dynamic malware analysis and reverse engineering, disk forensics, the incredibly powerful Microsoft PowerShell, other tools and techniques in remediating an advanced persistent threat.

Equipment - All of the advanced training and techniques in the world would be useless without the proper equipment.  But, with the right experience, the most expensive vendor tools may become redundant when a simple script would perform the same action.  Atlantic Data Forensics utilizes powerful but low-cost tools and equipment, and are therefore able to offer services more cost-effectively than many of our competitors while providing the security and effectiveness our Clients have come to expect.

Minutes matter; if you are experiencing a potential breach, call ADF right now.