Data Breach 9-1-1 Response

After an intrusion or data breach occurs, what matters most is the quality of your response.  Many people experience a moment of shock and dismay, but soon enough, effective action on your part will require finding someone to help you remediate the situation.

Atlantic Data Forensics is a prestigious firm that has worked domestically and internationally on data forensic matters.  We help corporations; institutions; political, legal, and scientific entities; and small and medium businesses address cybercrime such as network intrusions, denial of service attacks, electronic surveillance, and data theft.  

Whether it's credit card numbers, protected health information (PHI), customer data, or your business's intellectual property that may have been compromised, ADF has handled it before -- quickly, calmly, quietly, and professionally.

The theft of individuals' credit card information and other financial data has become so commonplace that there is now an active black market for this stolen data on the internet.  While consumers are certainly at risk of having their data stolen, the bigger risk comes from companies that process and store their financial and credit card information digitally.  This means that virtually every company in the United States faces such risks on a daily basis.

Our expert investigators look for activities such as willful destruction of data, theft of intellectual property or trade secrets (see our Corporate Espionage page), computer fraud, and the thousand other strategies hackers use to destroy your reputation, make money, and obfuscate their electronic tracks.  

ADF's First Responders Stop The Digital Bleeding.

As a cyber investigation company, Atlantic Data Forensics has built a team of forensic specialists that can identify hacking incidents, delineate what happened and to which systems, and develop evidence that could lead to prosecution of those responsible.  Minutes matter.  If you believe you may be the victim of a hacker intrusion, call ADF right now.