Network Monitoring & Analysis

One of the most simple and effective ways to defend your company’s IT infrastructure is to have network monitoring protocols, staff, and appliances in place before an incident occurs.  An end-to-end network management system, which provides network security for your entire infrastructure, can be outsourced to a firm specializing in monitoring, detecting, and preventing persistent threats.  Atlantic Data Forensics partners with Volexity, Inc. and PacketNinjas, LLC to bring your network monitoring and defense abilities to the forefront.  Please see our Corporate Partners page for additional information on these carefully selected, proven industry leaders.

When it comes to hiring a firm to protect your company’s network infrastructure, there is nothing more important than ensuring that the firm has the experience, technology, and intelligence to resolve problems quickly and professionally.  Choose the company that's helped companies on the Fortune 500 mitigate and remediate their network threats.  Choose Atlantic Data Forensics.  We get it done.