30(b)(6) Consulting

Deposing a 30(b)(6) witness or preparing a corporate witness for a grueling deposition takes foresight and experience, but the preparations can be even more challenging when the witness is explaining electronically stored information (ESI) or corporate enterprise IT procedures.  As "I don't know" answers -- or worse, inaccurate answers or ones that paint the company in the wrong light -- can make or break entire cases, you need a team of experienced data and IT infrastructure professionals on your side.  After all, you've only got one shot at this depo.  Make it count.

Atlantic Data Forensics' experts have extensive experience in preparing the 30(b)(6) deponent.  We also work with attorneys to prepare the IT topics they want to explore, and provide assistance in framing good follow-up questions while avoid technical rabbit holes.  You're after information and binding corporate answers -- not getting into a technical battle on the proper way to load a backup tape.

Preparing either side of the 30(b)(6) process requires extensive information gathering and analysis.  Atlantic Data Forensics experts have been involved in months-long projects collecting, analyze and summarizing IT infrastructure, business workflow, and policy into the key information needed by attorneys and deponents.  No matter which side of the the 30(b)(6) process you are on, we will work with you to translate the complicated world of enterprise IT into the clearly understandable facts that you need.  Call us today.