Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Truly effective Early Case Assessment (ECA) requires an interdisciplinary strategy in which professionals from a variety of perspectives in the legal and computer forensics and e-discovery industries work in conjunction with one another. We will facilitate the communication process between IT personnel and attorneys, translating e-discovery and legal terminology so both sides can work together towards efficient and complete data collection.

From specialized case assessment services to legal hold management, data collection, analysis, and reporting, we bridge the common communication gap between IT departments and attorneys.  Our powerful e-discovery data collection technology filters through vast reservoirs of information to provide you with the most concise information available almost instantly.  A targeted search is the best way to perform analyses, letting your team collect smaller amounts of ESI and manage their time more efficiently. Improved efficiency means significantly lower costs for processing, hosting, and review, as each of those processes is typically priced by data volume.

Our ECA technology is versatile, giving you plenty of options when it comes to collecting data. From a behind-the-firewall (local to your firm) setup to our hosted (cloud) environments, you can pick the best foundation for your case needs. This means that you can completely customize the case assessment process in a way that maximizes performance while minimizing cost.  Get the most out of the e-discovery process with computer forensics and e-discovery that work for you efficiently and affordably. 

Once the data processing stage is complete, we can move onto additional computer forensics and e-discovery services, including data culling and filtering, advanced analysis techniques, and data consolidation to reduce the price you pay and keep your review manageable. 


Filtering: Our e-discovery professionals will be happy to help you choose from our numerous filtering options to find the one that works best for your project. Sort and cull data by file type, source, date range, keyword, metadata, time sent or received, original sender, and many more. 

Advanced Email Analysis: We make it easy to read and organize your email so you'll always have what you need right at your fingertips. From chronological thread view to a sophisticated tagging system that streamlines your ability to find items with a shared connection, the sorting options are plentiful. 

Custodian Analytics: You can easily search your files and emails by file custodian to create a real time snapshot of interactions, building a strong computer forensics database. 

Keyword Searching: We can provide Boolean search terms, stemming, proximity, connected word lists, and a variety of other customizations that help you find what you're looking for.  Never spend hours searching for potential complex phrases that could have been used again; we provide intelligent, interactive tools that assist you and provide reasonable keyword suggestions. 

Reporting: We provide clients with full and detailed reports of all ECA actions so you can get a clear idea of what was done, when, and by whom. This is the ideal way to manage case research and monitor data access by time, category, searcher, and numerous other details. 

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