Secure Data Destruction

Whether you're planning to replace old computers, get rid of broken equipment, or close a business, properly disposing of data storage devices is critical.

Virtually every company and government organization today has a vast amount of sensitive or confidential data. To prevent it from being accessed, you need secure data destruction to occur prior to disposing of digital devices such as desktop computers, tablets, company-owned smartphones, and other electronics where data is stored. 

Whether it’s your customer data or information about your own employees, you must ensure that you work with highly qualified data destruction specialists so that your business or organization risks no liability once you’ve disposed of your devices. 

As many people now know, simply deleting a file does not mean that the file is unrecoverable.  But did you know that certain forms of reformatting, and even physical forms of destruction may not be enough to permanently and irrevocably remove information from a media device?

Atlantic Data Forensics has extensive experience in archiving data from old storage devices, securely erasing the devices, and ensuring they are properly handled (up to and including secure physical destruction) in order to prevent access to data that was housed on them.  Our computer security experts will make sure that every data storage device is properly cataloged and accounted for at every step of the destruction process, and that we properly dispose of all sensitive data.

We can provide complete onsite destruction of confidential and classified data at your organization’s facility. And we can ensure that your sensitive business data never leaves your site. 

Many of our clients include Fortune 500 companies such as financial services firms, healthcare companies, corporate data centers, IT centers and departments, and professional services companies. We also provide data destruction services to government organizations and government contractors that must adhere to strict rules and regulations about where and how their data is disposed of and maintained.  Atlantic Data Forensics has extensive experience in the protection and destruction of financial data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and HIPAA data / Protected Health Information (PHI).  We can fully, securely, and permanently destroy your data to prevent access, no matter the volume of data.


  • Hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs)
  • CDs, DVDs, and other optical media
  • Tapes and archival storage
  • Memory sticks and cards
  • USB thumb drives
  • Cell phones and smart phones

We can perform our complete computer, data, and media destruction services at any location in your city or state, or across the country. We offer standardized procedures, training, and equipment that ensure we meet your compliance needs, no matter what they are. We can follow governmental or court orders for the proper destruction of data and have certificates validating our expertise.

What’s more, our employees and management undergo rigorous background checks, complete confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and receive ongoing training in the most up-to-date methods for proper data destruction in both the private and public sector.  Call ADF today for a free consultation on your data destruction matter.