IT Investigations & Data Recovery

Businesses and their IT departments often find themselves unwillingly involved in everything from internal investigations, to contract or employment disputes, theft of trade secrets, patent or copyright infringement, and cases involving intellectual property. In these situations, it’s imperative that you have computer forensics expert available to perform proper data preservation and forensic analysis of digital evidence. We develop and implement detailed protocols to offer a guarantee to all parties that we identify all discoverable information while preserving confidentiality.  Our certified and experienced personnel can rapidly perform an examination using the latest in defensible computer forensic tools and techniques. Atlantic Data Forensics is an industry leader in developing best practices for third party and neutral computer forensic examination cases.

Atlantic Data Forensics also provides data recovery services, which can be invaluable to any company. Whether your valuable data loss was caused intentionally or accidentally, Atlantic Data Forensics will help you fully recover your lost data (such as email, financial records, work product, important photographs, etc.) with our professional data recovery services for legal matters. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are equipped with the most current data recovery software and tools, and we work with highly qualified clean room technicians when devices are physically damaged beyond local repair.  Atlantic Data Forensics provides the right data recovery solution to solve almost any data loss problem you face.