Expert Witness Reports & Testimony

When your case depends on decisive, reliable, straightforward testimony from a credentialed expert in the field, look no further than Atlantic Data Forensics. As experts in the areas of computer forensics, E-Discovery, and cybersecurity, ADF’s experienced practitioners have provided conclusive testimony on matters ranging from intellectual property theft totaling millions in damages to first-degree murder. If you require experts experienced with federal agency and law enforcement procedures, ADF’s professionalshave a blend of military intelligence backgrounds, top-secret security clearances, and have trained thousands of agents from the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, Department of State, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, US Postal Service, US Marshals, US Air Force and US Navy in cybersecurity, network security monitoring, and data breach response. Our experts are available to provide witness testimony for all our data forensic services. In short, if you are looking for the right expert, look no further.