Facebook, Twitter, & Social Media Investigations

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate, advertise, and conduct business. With millions of people around the world posting, linking, and chatting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites, lawsuits and investigations were soon to follow into this digital realm. The fact is, social media can be a great source of information and means of communication, but can also contain valuable evidentiary information for computer forensic, e-discovery, and cybercrime matters.

Atlantic Data Forensics has conducted investigations involving recovered Facebook postings and chat, search engine caches to show social media content that had been deleted, archived versions of old webpages and content, photos recovered from smartphones that were posted to social media and then deleted, and has created intricate timelines and recovered metadata related to Twitter posts.

We’ve used information from Facebook and other social media sites to assist with computer forensics and e-discovery investigations ranging from intellectual property theft investigations to crime rings to defamation.

While illegal or questionable activity -- and those involved -- are often only a mouse-click away, aggregating information into a intuitive and court-admissible format takes extensive expertise.

In other situations, we’ve performed active online monitoring of the activity of certain individuals or groups to detect early warning signs of criminal activity.  That said, we are also mindful of the legal limitations when using social media and consult legal professionals to ensure that we operate within the boundaries of the what is legal.

When it comes to using evidence gathered from social media sites such as Facebook in the courtroom, we’re also well aware of the challenges. Call ADF today for a free consultation on your social media matter, and see if it makes sense to take the next step.