Insider Threat Investigations

Every employer tries to build the best business relationships possible to work with responsible, dedicated employees who will uphold the highest standards. Despite a company’s best efforts, however, employees, vendors and even customers will still sometimes get involved in workplace situations that are unethical, dangerous, or illegal. Atlantic Data Forensics investigators can help put together a timeline of events, recover the details of activities, and provide insight into employees misusing corporate resources, stealing data, sabotaging projects or involved in fraudulent activities. Atlantic Data Forensics experts have extensive experience in marshaling corporate resources from HR, Legal, and IT to quickly and quietly resolve even the most complex situations. Our history of handling sensitive internal corporate investigations from sexual harassment to the removal of high-level, high-access employees will stand your organization in good stead. Atlantic Data Forensics will perform a complete, unbiased internal corporate investigation, enabling your organization to identify and address committed or potential acts of misconduct by your employees, partners, vendors, and even your own customers Call today for a free and confidential consultation.