iPhone & Android Smartphone Forensics

Often court cases pose circumstances in which computer forensics and e-discovery evidence from smartphones and tablets must be gathered. Investigating smartphones, including iPhones and iPads (iOS devices), Android phones and tablets, and to a lesser extent today, BlackBerrys, may be critical to cases involving anything from divorce to wrongful termination to intellectual property theft.

Atlantic Data Forensics has all the latest computer forensics and e-discovery tools and techniques for collecting and forensically preserving critical data from Apple iPhones, iPads, Android OS based smart phones and tablets, and RIM BlackBerry devices.  We’ll help you recover the text messages, call logs, photos, and application data you urgently need.

Our computer forensics and e-discovery investigations into data on iPhones and Android Smartphones can include retrieval of:

  • Text messages (SMS / short message service)
  • Photo/multimedia messages (MMS / multimedia messaging service)
  • Pictures and images (whether captured by or downloaded to the device)
  • Video and audio recordings (whether captured by or downloaded to the device)
  • Call history logs (received, missed, and dialed calls)
  • Phonebook and contact list
  • Calendar and task list entries
  • App-specific data (often, this is stored in individual local SQLite databases)
  • Emails stored on handset
  • Third-party chat and texting apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, ReTXT, etc.)
  • Geo-information and geolocation data (data that describes where the device was located geographically over time)

Our tools and techniques give us the capabilities to recover certain types of deleted data, as well.  We can perform file-system level data recovery plus import backup files from computer synchronization (such as when you sync your iPhone with iTunes, if you aren't using the iCloud), enabling us to bypass pass-codes and recover deleted data that is no longer on the phone itself.

Our experienced computer forensics and e-discovery team stays current on all of the frequent updates for the Android operating system, making use of a wide variety of solutions that can recover deleted data from Android phones.  The Apple iPhone offers an advanced multimedia experience that integrates cutting edge phone, web, and media functions in one device, and forensically secure data recovery from such complex equipment requires a specialist.

Call us today for a no-cost consultation, and we'll talk through how we can help you reach your goals for your matter.