Research Integrity Inquiries & Investigations

ADF has been retained by higher education institutions to provide research integrity data sequestration, scientific-technique data forensic analysis and general research misconduct services since 2012. Projects include sequestrations involving numerous respondents in a single lab with multiple electronic devices, respondents spread across multiple labs with scientific instruments being shared by a “core” lab and respondents actively performing anti-forensic activities on the data at issue in the research misconduct investigation. ADF has experience providing these services within laboratory settings, and has worked major investigations overseen by the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Research Integrity. Whether serving as a practical service-provider for our clients whose research misconduct matters demand it, or working from a theoretical perspective as participants in ORI’s three-day Research Integrity Officer Boot Camp, which the ORI self-describes as “an intensive program of training in handling allegations of misconduct in research for Research Integrity Officers and their legal counsel,” ADF has experience in a wide array of research integrity inquiries, investigations and proceedings.